Laboratory Equipment Currently Available

Autoclaves (2), Market Forge Sterilmatic & Midmark M11 Ultraclave
Balances, top loading and analytical, marble table
Centrifuge, clinical
Centrifuge, refrigerated
Centrifuges (2), unrefrigerated
CO2 Incubators
Distilled Water, Siemens SDI2
Milli-­‐Q UV Plus Ultra‐Pure Water System
Electrophoresis Equipment, horizontal and PAGE
Freezers (3),  -­‐20C
Freezers (3), ‐80C
Gel Documentation Equipment
Gene Cyclers (2)
Heat Blocks

Hoods (2), Tissue culture – certificatedHoods (3), biosafety cabinet, certificated
Hoods (6), fume, certificated
HPLC, HP 1090
Ice machine
Incubators (2), bacterial
LP Chromatography system
Lyophilizer, Labconco Freezone 4L
Mediaclave and Plate Pourer
Microplate Reader, Spectramax 384+ (UV/vis)
Microplate Reader, Anthos, (UV/vis, fluor, lum)
Microplate Reader, Tecan GENios (fluor, lum, abs)
Microplate Reader, Anthos (UV/vis, fluor, lum)
NMR, Bruker 300 MHz (through Oak Crest Institute)

Orbital Shakers
OSHA-approved Hazardous Storage
pH Meters
Power Supplies
Refrigerators (6), 4C
RT PCR, Illumina Eco
Sinks (2)
Spectrophotometer, UV/Vis, Beckman DU530
Tissue culture facility with LN storage
Ultrasonic water bath
UV Stratalinker
Vacuum oven
Vacuum Controller
Vacuum Pumps
Vortex Mixers
Water Baths