Anergix LLC is an early phase biotechnology company developing a combined cell/gene therapy treatment for multiple sclerosis.

BCN Biosciences

BCN Biosciences is an early phase biotechnology corporation with core competencies in the oncology drug discovery market.


BioVinc, LLC is a privately owned R&D company located in Culver City, California. BioVinc offers new fluorescent molecular probes that target bone, based on technology developed by Professor Charles E. McKenna at the University of Southern California.


Cal-OS’ specializes in the field of wearable and flexible electronics, particularly organic electronics. Cal-OS is devoted to accelerate your success through supplying you the best, consistent, affordable organic semiconductors with device engineer consultation.


CellVi BioScience focuses on stem cell research to develop products for improving human health including skin care and wound healing.


Deton Corp. is focused on delivering solutions to the world’s leading causes of death by combining innovations in engineering and medicine.

Flex R&D

Flex R&D


At Lanx, our mission is to collaborate with spine surgeons who share the view that innovation can improve patient outcomes. We actively engage with surgeons to develop solutions that address current and emerging clinical needs.

Maven Biotechnologies

Creators of LFIRE™ – a flexible, cost-effective, high-density real-time imaging platform. This innovative technology is positioned to become the next-generation standard for quantitative protein biomarker detection and cell-based pharmaceutical development.


Neumedicines Inc. is a preclinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company focused on research and development of novel protein therapeutics that treat and support patients suffering from serious illnesses.

Nova Therapeutics

Nova Therapeutics is developing small molecule antagonists of GPCRs for endocrine disorders and cancer.


Ophidion, Inc., an early-stage private biotechnology company developing a new class of safe and effective drugs targeting some of the most important receptors in the central nervous system.


PanaceaNano technology is based on a breakthrough discovery of a new class of porous, sponge-like, crystalline compounds. This unique family of absorbent nano-materials is manufactured using carbohydrate molecules called cyclodextrin (CD) rings.

Platinum Group Coatings

Platinum Group Coatings (PGC) produces high performance Electroplated Platinum Iridium Coated (EPIC) electrodes for biomedical stimulation and sensing applications.


Quick Biology Inc. is to develop novel approaches to facilitate researches to manage, validate and interpret Next Generation Sequencing data.


SeqOnce Biosciences, LLC. R&D is focused on cost effective and rapid technologies addressing academic and clinical needs for DNA and RNA Next Generation Sequencing sample preparation.


SUMO Biosciences is developing a small molecule drug to inhibit the major oncogene c-Myc active in human cancers.


Systine provides a fundamentally new etching process and etch processing tool set for precision, damage free etching of semiconductor materials to enhance today’s leading edge 45nm production yields and to meet the industry’s 32 nm and sub-32nm roadmap requirements.


Verrix is developing game changing, fast sterility assurance technology for mitigating microbial contamination in medical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.